how to make realistic 3d metal badges?

How to make realistic 3d metal badges

Firstly, Design badge artwork. Commonly used in badge artwork design
The cited software includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe llustrator and Corel Draw. For example, if you want to generate 3D badge renderings, you need
Need 3DMax and other software support

Making badge mould  Remove the color of the manuscript designed on the computer, and make a black and white manuscript with black and white colors representing the concave and convex metal, and press
On the scale-printed sulfuric acid paper, the engraving template is made by exposure with photosensitive ink, and then the engraving machine is used to engrave the mold in the form of the engraved template.
After the engraving is completed, the mold needs to be heat treated to strengthen the hardness of the mold

Die struck badge ,After engraving the die-casting mold, combine the molds on both sides, pour the hot melted metal into the mold, and then cool it to form.

here it is die struck process ,no stamping  (for stamping process, it is just suitable for the flat badges . but die struck process it can cast complex three-dimensional reliefs 

Electroplating color.  Gold, silver, copper ,black nickel  etc. 

and finally weldding the back fixing ,it always safty pin, butterfly clutch ,magnetic,or keychain .