Why we choose Epoxy dome badges?

what is printed label pin with epoxy dome?

Firsly let us see what is epoxy dome .

Epoxy dome is a clear plastic coating that can be added to soft enamel, photo etched, silkscreen, and off set printed style lapel pins and challenge coins. By adding this item to a product, it provides a lustrous shine and protects your design from damage.

here the label pin is made of  iron plate + sticker paper+ epoxy dome 

here the iron plate can be gold plated & silver plated (see the above sample picture)

and the back fixing can be safty pin, butterfly clutch ,or magnet etc.

Working principle: Under the premise of other processes, the prepared glue is sucked into the syringe and dripped evenly on the label and the business.
On the surface of the standard, a water glue layer has a thickness of 2mm, and it can be leveled naturally.
Application: Used for company badge, event badge, promotion badge.

Why we choose epoxy dome label pins ?

Compare with other process pins, this type pin no need MOQ ,and fast production time  just 3 days ready for shipping .

These printed lapel badges come complete with an epoxy resin finish for scratch resistance and a quality feel.

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